Are you starting to have problems reading fine print? Forgetting things? lookie lous® are here to help you read and keep you from losing yet another pair of readers! Why is this happening? Well, we don’t know what’s up with the memory thing, but the condition causing you to need readers is called Presbyopia. Can’t get enough of this sexy talk? Click here for more. Definitely not ready for readers and just like lookie lous®? We got it. If your eyes are just fine and you want regular sunglasses with no correction, we have you covered. Select the +0.0 strength next to your color choice and you will be looking like a rock star in no time.
Reading glasses are basically magnifying glasses. They make the fine print bigger. They come in different strengths or diopters. To determine what strength you need, you can use a common diopter chart, like the one below. Follow these directions: position your eyes so that they are at a close reading distance of about 36cm (14 inches) from the test chart projected on the monitor. If you wear glasses, do the test wearing your normal DISTANCE prescription glasses. Read down the chart, line by line, until you reach the line you cannot read comfortably and clearly. Look at the circle to the left to find your test result.*
*Ready-to-wear non-prescription glasses are not intended to replace prescribed corrective lenses or examinations by an eye care professional. Regular eye check-ups by a qualified professional are necessary to determine your eye health status and vision needs. +2.5 & +3.0 available soon
At first it is just difficult reading, say, a menu in a candlelit restaurant then it progresses from there. The condition is called Presbyopia. Presbyopia literally means “elder eyes”.  The industry recently changed this name to “Age-Related Focus Dysfunction”. That’s awesome. Let’s call our eyes dysfunctional. Jeez. Anyway, as the eye ages, (do we have to keep bringing up age?) the eye is less able to focus.  It is the hardening of the natural lens and the weakening of muscle fibers in the eye that causes this condition. If you have it, you have it and most people eventually do. There are surgeries available to correct the condition, or you can do what so many do… wear reading glasses. Reading glasses are an inexpensive and easy remedy. They come in different strengths or diopters to precisely suit your needs. To determine what strength you need, use a common diopter chart like the one above. Another very crude way to judge is by… wait for it…..age. Use the chart below to roughly determine what strength you may need.

but why lookie lous®?

Little reading glasses are designed to wear on your head, so a few things happen. First, you stretch the hinges so they no longer fit on your face. Typically they fall off your face and end up a little more broken or scratched. lookie lous® are designed to wear on your head and will not stretch out or fall off when you lean over. The next thing you will notice about wearing readers on your head is the little hinges grab your hair. It’s almost impossible to get them out without tearing a few hairs out. This is not cool. Keep your hair, get some lookie lous®.

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