Are you starting to have problems reading fine print? No, they are not printing smaller. It’s your little ole eyes acting their age. Most people over 40 start noticing this. We know how to make the fine print…


Let’s get real. lookie lous® aren’t just for the ladies. Guys like lookie lous® because they’re form fitting, you don’t have to juggle your belongings as your go about your day. You no longer have to…


lookie lous® are reading glasses that are easily stored on your head or around your neck so when you need to read, you have your readers! lookie lous® come in 5 colors, each with a purpose…

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As seen on TV, Huffington Post, in People Style Watch and 20/20 Vision Magazine, lookie lous® are changing the way we use glasses for reading. Invented by a mom who was just too tired of always looking for her glasses, these reading/magnifying glasses and sunglasses multi-task to make life easier. They’re designed to wear on your head or around your neck and when you need to read…ta da you have your glasses. No hinges to grip and pull your hair out, just lightweight readers and shades that rest comfortably on your head. lookie lous® will not fall off your head or face when you lean over, so go ahead…tie your shoes, weed that garden and pick up that penny! Reading glasses for men and women, sunglasses reading glasses, and regular sunglasses are available here on our website, on Amazon and other fine retailers. lookie lous® are UV rated, CE tested and coated for scratch resistance. Stop looking for your readers, we have them right here.

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