lookie lous® are reading glasses that are easily stored on your head or around your neck so when you need to read, you have your readers! lookie lous® come in 5 colors, each with a purpose. Clear is our best seller and perfect for everyday use. Brown and black for reading in the sunlight, gray for indoor/outdoor use, and pink for computer reading. lookie lous® weigh less than one ounce–so light you will forget you have them on! Stay tuned for more colors to be introduced seasonally.
clear Our #1 seller! Classic clear poly-carbonate readers. The epitome of modern. Clear readers still offer UV protection while letting you see anytime. Perfect for reading, crafting, treadmill reading, sewing or playing the guitar. They are barely noticeable when on the face or in the hair.
new york black Classic black readers for bright sun reading and the ultimate cool look. They’re perfect for reading text messages outdoors. Black lookie lous® are not for indoor or night use. These are a great choice if you are concerned with the design of lookie lous®; they look great on everyone.
paris pink Our sweet pink lookie lous® are what opticians recommend for computer reading. Rose colored lenses block out blue or hazy light, helpful for those late nights at the laptop. On a girlie note…they are super pretty, and the world is much sweeter through rose colored glasses. They look great on blondes too.
los angeles sand Our darkest color. A rich, lovely brown for outdoor reading. Brown actually adds some depth perception on low light day. On a bright sunny day, they will enhance your surroundings. Note that they’re too dark for inside light. We love brunettes and blondes in these.
london gray All purpose lens here. These are a really smokey gray that can be used for indoor or outdoor reading/tasking. They offer the least color distortion from a tinted lens. Our lookie lous® designer has a secret love for the color gray. Maybe she’s on to something; these are a best seller. Awesome on salt and pepper hair!

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